Nothing takes away the joy of working as a pilot or being an air operator like an aircraft breakdown following the news that the breakdown is not covered or not adequately covered by insurance policy. To avoid a double whammy, it’s very important to understand what you need and what you’ll get when buying an aviation insurance policy.

It will be easier to protect your rights if you have an experienced representative who has a complete understanding of the terms and conditions contained in the insurance policy.

The team of Spyeye Express Jet Services will select and coordinate with you all necessary package of services for aircraft insurance, providing the optimal balance of price, high quality and timely service.

Your aircraft will be timely supplied with all the necessary documents and certificates considering the requirements of lessors and government organizations.

What you need to know about aircraft insurance:

  • Aircraft insurance conditions;
  • Insurable events;
  • The price of purchasing an insurance policy, price of insurance premiums and terms of compensation for losses in case of an insured event;
  • Risks of excessive or insufficient insurance coverage;
  • Whether a clause on civil liability insurance is required and whether it’s required in your individual case;
  • Do you need insurance of civil liability of passengers;
  • Is liability insurance required where your aircraft or aircraft fleet is based

Issues to pay attention to if you already have an insurance policy:

  • Does the insurer have high financial performance and good reputation?
  • Whether the amount of coverage and deductions meets the stated conditions?
  • What are the exceptions and whether they might affect or limit the way the aircraft is operated?
  • Do staff covered by the insurance policy?
  • Does the policy have additional terms and exclusions?

The more you know about how to insure an aircraft or renew your aviation insurance policy, the more complete and cost effective your insurance will be.

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