Spyeye Express Jet Services specializes in organizing private charter flights for large groups using a variety of aircraft, from light jets and turboprop to executive private jets and business (heavy) jets.

Compared to scheduled commercial flights, group charter offers the following benefits:

Direct flight to the final point of destination, which avoids connecting flights and loss of time on transfers (the only reason for landing may be the need to refuel aircraft);

Private jet won’t leave the airport until the main customer (lead passenger / group leader) tells the pilot that everyone is ready to take-off. On a commercial plane everyone must obey the airline's schedule; private aviation adjusts the schedule to suit the passengers;

Private jet can be tailored to fit budget and size of group, from economy to business / VIP configurations;

All luggage is traveling with passengers on the same aircraft. It means that everyone is insured against the loss of baggage. A nuisance like this can be inconvenient for many, but for business travelers or sports teams the loss of luggage can be crucial. Group charter is the only way to ensure that all passengers and luggage get to their destination at the same time;

Catering (in-flight meals) can be selected individually considering needs of a particular group of passengers. Thus, your meal won’t include water and snacks or heated food in plastic containers. Instead you can order meals that meet expectation of a group of passengers;

Smart choice of private jet, times and harbors allows you to split the cost of charter among all travelers, which brings the cost of renting a private jet closer to the cost of a first-class commercial airline’s ticket. More passengers in a group means more competitive prices.

Group travels can be organized for:

  • groups of VIP tourists;
  • weddings and other celebrations;
  • corporate meetings;
  • sports teams and groups of supporters;
  • tours of musical groups, theater troupes and filmmakers;
  • conferences, exhibitions, seminars.
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