Modern reality allows you to fly from any city in the world, choosing airplanes of any size, regardless of the presence or absence of a direct commercial flight.

You may need a turboprop to fly to a remote ski resort with a short runway, or a large jet for a transcontinental / ultra-long flight. Or there may be a need for urgent medical evacuation or prompt delivery of cargo. All of these options are available thanks to the aircraft chartering service, and the service itself has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of chartering aircraft:


Chartering private jet is definitely a unique experience. It is a matter of combining perks, from the highest privacy to special amenities such as personalized meals, comfortable leather seats, large TV screens and onboard Wi-Fi.


Chartering an aircraft allows you to enjoy the privacy which can’t be found in first or business class of commercial airlines. During the flight, crew members will call you by name, and all seats on board can be reserved only for your friends, family and colleagues.

Convenience / Accessibility

In terms of geography and logistics, private jets are more convenient than commercial jets. Typically, jets take off from private terminals, and can land at smaller airports with shorter runways. This means you can take off and land at an air harbor closer to your final destination point.

Personal approach

Chartering an aircraft means you can choose a private jet based on your needs, interests and budget. If you know you’ll have to work immediately after landing, you may want to get some sleep during the flight. In this case you should give preference to jet with a full bedroom and bathroom. A personal approach can also be manifested in the individual catering (ordering of in-flight meals), in the choice of entertainment and additional services.


In life, many situations can arise that require a prompt response. For example, if there is a state of emergency in one of the divisions of your company. Or if you went skiing and had an accident in the mountains. Either way, a private jet or helicopter will take you immediately to your desired destination. In the event of a medical emergency, chartering an aircraft will also allow the delivery of organs for transplantation or a donor to the medical facility.

Disadvantages of chartering aircraft:


Obviously, not everyone can afford to charter an aircraft and price is a key sticking point. Of course, it’s expensive, but when you consider the value of your time, it is usually more profitable to charter a jet.


It can’t be denied that arranging a private jet is more demanding than booking a commercial flight. In case of jet chartering two parties must come to a mutual agreement. That is why, when chartering a jet, you must inform the airline broker about all the nuances of the trip: from the route and dates, to ordering meals and choosing an airport for possible refueling.

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